Me flirting


Me flirting




Justin Timberlake makes an unlikely friend

I’ve had such a good night. There is no way I can justify how depressed and inadequate I feel right now. I really can’t. And that makes me even more upset with myself. You had a great night with great people you fuckface. Why can’t you be happy. Why can’t you just fucking be happy. Why do I have to run everything through my brain? Why do I convince myself that nobody gives a shit about me? Why can’t I just fucking be happy tonight? Fuck.


Ferguson Mayor James Knowles is making no friends at tonight’s Town Hall. Part 2

[part 1]

I just wanted to watch a shitty movie by myself and be alone with this shitty movie to collect myself before PAX but my mom is drunk and Matt got all into it and they wanted to fucking MST3K it and I just want to be alone with this movie.

I feel so dead. And not even because I’m tired. Being tired would be beneficial. Then I might actually get to bed in time to get a nap before I have to wake up for pax. I just feel empty and shitty and I hate everyone even though I have no real reason too.

clipping. - Story 2
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This is my favorite songs off one of my favorite albums of the year.